Counseling Services

Information about our services

Counseling Philosophy

Emotional and relationship problems are a normal part of life. Counseling provides an opportunity to focus on issues productively. You can gain new information, develop important skills, and learn how to solve problems effectively. As experienced psychotherapists and marriage counselors, we are trained in a wide variety of clinical techniques that can assist you.

We believe in working with you to create a treatment plan and therapeutic style that fits your individual needs.


– Individual counseling
– Relationship and marriage counseling
– Conjoint counseling (two therapist team)
– Sex therapy assessments and treatment
– We coordinate services with physicians and other therapists.
– We provide training seminars and supervision services for mental health professionals.
– Insurance billing is accepted.

Specialty Areas

Marriage & sexual enrichment
Communication & intimacy skill building
Low sex desire & desire discrepancies
Sexual fantasy and pornography issues
Female sexual concerns (orgasmic difficulty, painful intercourse)
Male sexual concerns (premature ejaculation, erectile difficulty)
Sexual disability and adjustment
Midlife sexual health
Pregnancy & pregnancy loss
Childhood trauma & sexual abuse recovery
Addiction recovery
Anxiety, depression, anger management
Family reconciliation
Life transition

Our offices

are located at 1234 Pearl Street, Suite 4, Eugene, Oregon 97401

Call for appointments:

541-484-4480 (ext. 1 for Larry, ext. 2 for Wendy)

Please Note: On October 1, 2015, Wendy retired from the counseling part of her practice.  She continues to provide consultation services, participate in media interviews, and occasionally speak at major conferences.