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Isaac Abel Talks About “Coming Out as a Porn Addict”

In this third installment writing about his healing journey, Isaac Abel discusses how “coming out as a porn addict” helped him overcome feelings of shame and isolation and heal…He’s a courageous voice and role model for others in recovery…He also

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Mark Manson’s Article on Porn-Induced Sex Problems

Mark Manson of has written a revealing and helpful article on addressing ED and other sexual problems from porn : … He provides some strategies for healing that worked for him. I really respect how upfront he is in sharing his own

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Isaac Abel Explores the “Porn Addiction” Label

Isaac Abel has written another groundbreaking article this one in the Atlantic–about sex problems caused by porn. In the article, entitled, , “Was I Actually ‘Addicted’ to Internet Porn?”, he explores the concept of “porn addiction, his quest to understand what it means,

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“Porn Can Screw You in the Sack” – U of O newspaper article

Reporter Katherine Marrone of the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald campus newspaper just came out with a front cover article on how overindulging in porn can “screw you in the sack.” The article includes a first hand account if erectile

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