Best-Selling Sexuality Resources

Wendy’s Most Popular Sexuality Books and DVD:

The Sexual Healing Journey
The Sexual Healing JourneyHelps survivors to: identify the sexual effects of abuse, create a positive meaning for sex, develop a healthy sexual self-concept, gain control over upsetting automatic reactions to touch and sex, stop negative sexual behaviors…

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The Porn Trap

PornTrapA groundbreaking, comprehensive and compassionate resource. The Porn Trap is the first book to address the full range of pornography-related problems…

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Private Thoughts
Private ThoughtsPrivate Thoughts was first released under the title of In the Garden of Desire: The Intimate World of Women’s Sexual Fantasies by Broadway Books in 1997. It was quickly chosen as a special selection of the Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Clubs…

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Intimate Kisses
intimatekissesA full-range of sexual pleasure is revealed, as the poems explore different aspects of sexual enjoyment; from anticipating intimacy, through experience, to the pleasure of reflecting back on satisfying sexual times together…

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Passionate Hearts
passionateheartsPassionate Hearts is a unique collection of 117 poems that inspire and celebrate healthy sexual intimacy.In these poems sex is described as sensuous, safe, mutually desired, respectful and caring…

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Visually impaired? Wendy’s books are available via the The American Foundation for the Blind’s Bookshare program

Relearning Touch DVD
Relearning TouchThis forty-five minute video, moderated by Wendy Maltz, sensitively demonstrates the relearning touch techniques. Includes interviews with three couples who have used the techniques to improve communication, deepen emotional intimacy and create positive sexual experiences…

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