Relearning Touch: Healing Techniques for Couples

relearntouchProduced by Wendy Maltz, Steve Christiansen and Gerald Joffee. This forty-five minute video, moderated by Wendy Maltz, sensitively demonstrates the relearning touch techniques that are described in her groundbreaking book, The Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse. Includes interviews with three couples who have used the techniques to improve communication, deepen emotional intimacy and create positive sexual experiences. Although it addresses the concerns of couples dealing with sexual abuse repercussions, non-survivor couples have found the video and the techniques helpful for improving sexual intimacy.


Praise for “Relearning Touch”:

“As always, Wendy presents a view of sexual intimacy that is loving, healthy, safe, respectful and joyous. Her commentary is informative, reassuring and encouraging.”
–Ellen Bass, coauthor, The Courage to Heal

“Relearning Touch is a wonderful resource for clinicians and clients. It provides many specific exercises that couples and individuals can use to help restore their comfort in their sexuality. It has my highest recommendation.”
–Robert Schwarz, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Advanced Clinical Training

“Wendy Maltz provides abuse survivors and their partners with clear, practical, and effective techniques that empower survivors to begin reclaiming their birthright of healthy, joyous sexuality.”
–Yvonne Dolan, M.A., Resolving Sexual Abuse

“Wendy Maltz has been a gift to a generation of survivors. Her gentle, helpful resources for reclaiming sexuality have helped many. This video is a great asset to clinicians and recovering people. Insightful, practical, useful, and well presented.”
–Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., C.A.S., The Meadows Institute, Out of the Shadows