Favorite Quotes

youngcoupleYou can learn more about healthy sexuality through discovering what other therapists, writers, and sexual health advocates have said about it.

Here are some of Wendy’s favorite Healthy Sex quotations:

Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstacy. –Anais Nin

Nothing is sexier than the naked mind–nothing more seductive than the inventive imagination. — Michael Grosso

The flower, the sky, your beloved, can only be found in the present moment. –Thich Nhat Hanh

An embrace should fill the heart as well as the arms. –Hugh & Gail Prather

Sexual love is the most stupendous fact of the universe, and the most magical mystery our poor blind senses know. –Amy Lowell

Good sex begins when your clothes are still on. –William Masters & Virginia Johnson

To climb to the heights, sex education is not enough. We need to learn how to love. –Joseph & Lois Bird

Our organic drives and urges are never separable from the search for meaning and the quest for communion. –James Nelson

Sexual love is socially responsible; nurturing the fabric of the larger community to which the lovers belong. –James Nelson

Sexual love is joyous; it is exuberant in its appreciation of love’s mystery and life’s gift. –James Nelson

Sex is more than sensation and is within life rather than outside or apart from other experiences. –C. Leon Hopper

The sacred meaning of sexuality is not located in sexuality itself, but rather in human mutuality. . .Sexuality is a mode in which mutuality is expressed. –John Buehrens

The reason people sweat is that they won’t catch fire making love.–Don Rose

Never be ashamed of passion. If you are strongly sexed, you are richly endowed. –Margaret Sanger