Out of the Shadows – Is Porn Bad for You?

Networker Article

In this highly acclaimed and still relevant article, Wendy provides a moving personal account and clinically-based overview of how pornography has changed in the last fifty years from a relatively benign, even therapeutic, source of entertainment to an extremely powerful product capable of harming individuals, relationships, sexuality, and public health.

To download a PDF of “Out of the Shadows/Is Porn Bad for You” article click here

The article was originally entitled “Out of the Shadow” and published as the lead feature article in the award-winning Psychotherapy Networker magazine’s Nov/Dec 2009 issue devoted to understanding “The Porn Explosion.” It can be accessed via their online archives (with subscription) by going to their website, click here if interested.

A shorter version of the article was also published under the title “The Porn Trap” in the British Psychotherapy magazine Therapy Today in 2010.

And the popular article was retitled “Is Porn Bad for You?” and published online as a feature article that ran for 10 years on Alternet.org.