El Viaje para Sanar la Sexualidad coming April-May 2021! The Sexual Healing Journey in Spanish!

Mui emocionado! So excited! I’m happy to announce that HarperMexico is publishing my book, The Sexual Healing Journey, in a multiple-country Spanish language edition in April-May 2021. (Mexico, US, & Spain). I have received many requests for a Spanish edition over the years. I believe the #MeToo and #YoTambien movements have increased awareness of the tremendous need for quality sexual recovery resources in Spanish. I thank Evelyn Salinas, for writing a wonderful forward to the book, and Natasha Prosperi for her support and encouragement from the beginning. I look forward to sharing more information about El Viaje para Sanar la Sexualidad: Una Guía para Sobrevivientes de Abuso with you as soon as it is available. Here is an illustration of what the cover will look like…..and the whole jacket.

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