Relationship Alive! podcast on Sexual Healing

Are you dealing with the repercussions of past sexual abuse in an intimate relationship? Or concerned about a future relationship? If so, you will find lots of information, insights and advice listening to the engaging interview Wendy Maltz gave for the new podcast show, Relationship Alive! Hosted by Neil Sattin, his podcast is devoted to helping couples improve their relationship and have good sex lives. Wendy’s interview, “Deeper Intimacy Through Sexual Healing,” is pretty comprehensive, covering topics such as: What is sexual abuse and what are the sexual problems it can cause?, What is involved in healing sexual concerns, How to work as a team in sexual healing, and What are the key exercises that can help survivors and their intimate partners reclaim a healthy and enjoyable sexuality. This episode also focused on issues related to pornography and its impact. Wendy’s books, The Sexual Healing Journey, and, The Porn Trap, are discussed.

To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE


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