Year: 2013

UK Study Reveals Brain Changes from Porn

Martin Daubney hosted a documentary in late September on British national television etitled, “Porn on the Brain”. It’s groundbreaking and explores the nature and impact of today’s pornography. The program includes a section on Dr. Valerie Voon’s MRI brain scan Article Praises “The Porn Trap”

In a groundbreaking article entitled, “My Sexuality After Porn,” (10-29-13) journalist Isaac Abel reveals how he is working to undo early conditioning and reclaim his sexuality as healthy, sensual, and intimate. Insightful, honest, and at times graphically descriptive, he

Pandora’s Project Q & A on Sexual Healing Part 2 – June ’13

Wendy Maltz continues to answer tough questions about sexual healing in Part 2of an article published in the Pandora’s Project June 2013 newsletter. The questions cover topics such as self-worth, disclosing to a partner for the first time, dating, and dealing with an impatient

Newsweek Daily Beast Article mentions “The Porn Trap”

Wendy was recently interviewed by Winston Ross, a writer for Newsweek/Daily Beast for an article on a Baptist pastor recommending men give up porn for good. The Pastor, Jay Dennis of 1 Million Men Porn Free, believes 80% of Christian men are

Isaac Abel Talks About “Coming Out as a Porn Addict”

In this third installment writing about his healing journey, Isaac Abel discusses how “coming out as a porn addict” helped him overcome feelings of shame and isolation and heal…He’s a courageous voice and role model for others in recovery…He also

Mark Manson’s Article on Porn-Induced Sex Problems

Mark Manson of has written a revealing and helpful article on addressing ED and other sexual problems from porn : … He provides some strategies for healing that worked for him. I really respect how upfront he is in sharing his own

Isaac Abel Explores the “Porn Addiction” Label

Isaac Abel has written another groundbreaking article this one in the Atlantic–about sex problems caused by porn. In the article, entitled, , “Was I Actually ‘Addicted’ to Internet Porn?”, he explores the concept of “porn addiction, his quest to understand what it means,

“Porn Can Screw You in the Sack” – U of O newspaper article

Reporter Katherine Marrone of the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald campus newspaper just came out with a front cover article on how overindulging in porn can “screw you in the sack.” The article includes a first hand account if erectile

Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn — helpful new video

Well done!!! This new video, Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn by Gary Wilson is enlightening and informative without being judgmental …It features lots of information in a very well organized and clear format and is highlighted with good analogies… This is

Wendy on “The Emotional Pro” May 9th 9 am PT/12 noon EST

Come join Ilene Dillon, The Emotional Pro (blog talk radio) host, and Wendy Maltz, author of Private Thoughts: Exploring the Power of Women’s Sexual Fantasies, for a lively and stimulating discussion entitled, “50 Shades of Insight: Women’s Sexual Fantasies” on Thursday, May 9th,