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“Porn Can Screw You in the Sack” – U of O newspaper article

Reporter Katherine Marrone of the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald campus newspaper just came out with a front cover article on how overindulging in porn can “screw you in the sack.” The article includes a first hand account if erectile

Wendy on “The Emotional Pro” May 9th 9 am PT/12 noon EST

Come join Ilene Dillon, The Emotional Pro (blog talk radio) host, and Wendy Maltz, author of Private Thoughts: Exploring the Power of Women’s Sexual Fantasies, for a lively and stimulating discussion entitled, “50 Shades of Insight: Women’s Sexual Fantasies” on Thursday, May 9th,

Pandora’s Project Q & A on Sexual Healing – Pt. 1- March ’13

Wendy Maltz answers some tough questions about sexual healing in a new article published in thePandora’s Project March 2013 newsletter. The questions cover topics such as casual sex, sexual fantasies, and how to stay present during sex. The newletter also features the “Drawing on

Women’s Sexual Fantasies on “The Opening Door”

Wendy Maltz, author of “Private Thoughts” was recently interviewed by Wendy Strgar, host of the radio show, “The Opening Door”.  Find out how to tap into the power of sexual fantasies by listening to this riveting conversation that offers you insight into one

“Your Brain in the CyberSex Jungle” 12-11-12 Radio Interview

In this second interview Gary Wilson of the popular Your Brain on Porn Website and Wendy Maltz LCSW DST, coauthor of The Porn Trap discuss recovery from porn addiction, how to analyze the role of masturbation in recovery, and strategies for creating healthy sexuality.  Originally aired

“Your Brain in the CyberSex Jungle” 10-23-12 Radio Interview

Gary Wilson of the popular Your Brain on Porn Website interviewed Wendy Maltz LCSW DST coauthor of The Porn Trap for his “Your Brain in the CyberSex Jungle” radio program. In this lively discussion they take look at why today’s Internet porn is different from porn of

Metro News article on “The Porn Problem”

Wendy was recently featured in an article on “The Porn Problem” by writer Michelle Castillo of Metro News.  The article discusses how pornography can create serious problems for some people, especially when they develop an on-going sexual relationship with it. The article

Psych Today – Healing in a Cultural Context (article 3)

Catherine McCall concludes her three-part series based on an interview with Wendy Maltz with a discussion of how sexual abuse healing is influenced by social consciousness and other cultural factors. In the article Wendy reflects on how sexual abuse awareness

Psych Today – Healing Sexual Wounds of Sex Abuse (article 2)

Read Catherine McCall’s second article in her popular Overcoming Child Abuse blog for Psychology Today entitled,  “Healing the Sexual Wounds of Sexual Abuse”  . It is based on her interview with Wendy a few weeks ago. This article is filled with practical

Psych Today – Sex Effects of Sex Abuse (article 1)

Catherine McCall, a licensed marriage and family therapist and author of the sexual abuse healing memoir,When the Piano Stops, recently interviewed Wendy for a series of articles she is writing on sexual healing for her very popular Psychology Today recovery blog.